Saturday, February 16, 2013

NKMS and NKHS Students Named to Area Band!

Congratulations to the following 23 students who made the Northern Neck Area Band!  All the students will be performing at a clinic/concert March 22 and 23rd in Mathews, Va.  Way to go Band!!
Hailey Richart-1st chair flute
Tiffany Tolley-2nd chair flute
Savannah Setzer-3rd chair flute
Jessica Wills-12th chair flute
Madelyn Kruger-6th chair clarinet
Sarah Wimmer-10th chair clarinet
Ky Freeman-11th chair clarinet
Rachel Phelps-12th chair clarinet
Garrett Hall-15th chair clarinet
Annabelle Riccio-18th chair clarinet
Jeremiah Green-23rd chair clarinet
Gabriel Bollhorst-6th chair trumpet
Christian Lange-10th chair trumpet
Eve Stump-2nd chair french horn
Mason Bollhorst-5th chair trombone
Briana Ward-2nd chair euphonium
Ashby Holsapple-3rd chair euphonium
Allen Jones-4th chair euphonium
Nick Parker-3rd chair tuba
Kyle Coles-4th chair tuba
Blake Forsythe-6th chair tuba
Chandler Anderson-1st chair snare
Patrick Minor-6th chair snare

Congratulations to the following students from NKHS that successfully auditioned for the area band!  New Kent will be well represented this year!

Naudia Whitacre- 9th chair clarinet
Taylor Newman- 5th chair saxophone
Andrew Toppin- 10th chair trumpet
Brian Miller- 3rd chair euphonium
Nicholas Pace- 2nd chair tuba
Jake Benson- 1st chair timpani, 2nd chair mallets, 6th chair snare
Taviston Lewis- 5th chair snare

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