Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Digital Media Source!

     I receive many requests from teachers for more digital media sources that they can use to enhance their lessons and engage their students better.  There are many sources for pictures and video clips on the internet that are applicable to the curriculum and appropriate for use in the classroom.  However, many sites, like Youtube, must be blocked by schools to prevent access to the inappropriate content that is also on those sites.

     Recently it was announced that in partnership with WHRO, the local PBS affiliate, the Virginia Department of Education has provided free access to eMediaVA for all Virginia educators.   eMediaVA is a library of videos, animations,  and pictures that have been correlated with the Virginia SOLs.  The library may be searched via SOL or keyword and then filtered using several filtering options.  Users have the ability to upload videos to the library so that these resources may be shared with other teachers.  The system also allows teachers to create playlists for their students to view and quizzes to respond to the information.  All New Kent teachers will be receiving an email in the next several days with a welcome message and login information to be able to access and begin using eMediaVA.

      There are tutorial guides that are available once you log in and you can also access one here.  We hope that this source proves to be a valuable addition to your sources of digital media.

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