Thursday, January 31, 2013

NKMS All-District Band Members

Congratulations to those members of the New Kent Middle School band who were recently named to the All-District 1 Band!

District 1 Middle School Band Auditions were held on Saturday, January 12th.  The rigorous audition required each student to prepare 7 Major Scales and the Chromatic Scale, to perform a prepared piece of music, and to sight-read an additional piece.  Of the 74 flute players who auditioned, Savannah Setzer placed 10th chair and Tiffany Tolley placed 11th chair.  Out of 26 snare drum players, Chandler Anderson placed 1st chair.

An outstanding performance by terrific musicians!

Pictured: Tiffany Tolley, Chandler Anderson, Savannah Setzer

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  1. What an accomplishment! Listening to these students is really amazing and the staff at NKMS is so proud of all of their hard work!